Event description

Design is an incredible tool—it can spark movements, create culture, alter behavior, and expand our collective idea of what’s possible. At the core of its power is the designer.

Designers are positioned at the intersection of many different people and ideas—whether opposing political views, differing stakeholder priorities, or divergent beliefs about what is best for the world. To navigate these tensions, designers must wear a multitude of hats. Often, we are considered makers, writers, and researchers. But envisioning and actualizing possibilities that don’t yet exist requires designers to also shapeshift into roles such as time-traveler, host, strategist, and mediator, among others.

This interactive workshop will explore creative ways to amplify the power of design by challenging the traditional ideas about the role of designers. We will explore exercises, frameworks, and case studies from SYPartners’ work, and that of others. This event is hosted by two SYP designers, Jenna Klein and Sierra Starkey, and will include opportunities to ask questions and discuss with the hosts and your fellow attendees.

Event Speakers:
Jenna Klein
Sierra Starkey

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