Event description

The benefits of small-batch and made-to-order products are clear: they are better for the user, the community, and the planet.

This exhibit at Arion Press showcases the products and practices of local makers that utilize small batch and/or made to order production from a wide range of industries, and across the Bay Area, including new innovative techniques, traditional craft, and a blend of the two. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, to the products we use daily, what WE MAKE locally and HOW WE MAKE IT really does matter.


Bay Area Made is a platform dedicated to showcasing products and brands made in the Bay Area which highlight the richness and diversity of our region, west coast craftsmanship, and reflect the values of the companies that have chosen to make their products here. Bay Area Made plays a key role in building community amongst local makers, which facilitates collaboration, innovation, resources, and shared best practices.

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