Event description

Every company has a story to tell, and it’s the creative’s job to bring that story to life. Each step of a start-up’s journey needs a narrative to give it that edge, from the first idea to the initial fundraising pitch – to the new product release and the market launch. A great story strategy, along with an equally great brand design, can make a company jump off the page and into life. For this reason, and many more, businesses need creatives – catalysts for innovation – to be part of the process from beginning to end and beyond.

The Art of the Effective Pitch & Launch brings together a star panel of VCs, designers, and storytellers who together will deliver the message of the key role that story, design, and creativity play in entrepreneurial success.

Moderated by Daria Gonzalez: Founder & CEO of Wunderdogs, a distributed branding agency boasting American leadership and European design. Daria is a former early stage investor @ GVA.Capital and Stanford MBA’16.


Alli McKee: CEO and founder of Stick – a software platform for idea visualization, as well as social influencer in sales and marketing field. Alli is 2x founder, IDEO designer and Stanford MBA alumni.

Joe Vazquez: Venture investor and startup advisor also serving as a venture partner for Revel Partners. Joe is a co-director of Runway accelerator (acquired) and early co-founder of StartX, an accelerator for Stanford entrepreneurs.

Chris Laughlin: Pitch design lead @ First Round Capital, Chris supports startups’ fundraising activities with best-in-class pitch decks. Chris also is a co-founder of a pitch agency 4th&King.

Jessica Schaefer: Founder and CEO of Bevel PR, an all-star, all-female financial public relations company that has some incredible startups and growth companies as their clients. Previously, Jessica served as VP of Corporate Communications at Point 72 Ventures.

Christian Averill: Stellar Integrated Marketing expert, part of the team that revamped the story of BitTorrent, currently leading a boutique creative unit Quality Produce, advising to companies like Mozilla & Kraken as well as supporting cannabis industry.


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