Event description

Our lives are in perpetual interplay with the natural systems around us. Throughout the history of our species, Flow is a natural state that we have always sought to incorporate into our lives, from ancient practices like yoga and tai-chi, to the increasingly valuable flow state of focus and clarity.

We’ve begun harnessing the diverse expressions of flow to inform the way we live and create, by defining our own boundaries and trajectories. We redirect the flow of water for irrigation, we design cities that we can navigate through efficiently, and we create habits and systems within which we can thrive. We fully embrace flow, in the realms of the visual, physical, spiritual, and scales ranging from the microscopic to the galactic.

But how does naturally occurring flow manifest itself compared to flow occurring within boundaries defined by humans? And how are we a part of this organic motion? Can a state of flow exist without any boundaries?

We invite you to come explore these questions with us.

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