Event description

Take a couple of hours from your workday and join us for a meaningful lunch at Impossible. We will have two Impossible pals making home cooked food with fresh organic food with local ingredients for you whilst having a casual conversation about the future of digital health. The healthcare industry has been notoriously slow to adopt digital technologies. In an era where anything you desire can be delivered to your doorstep and AI assistants are available to help with your everyday need, it can still be incredibly challenging, even for the savviest of consumers, to navigate the US healthcare system. With the advent of smartphones, wearables, big data, and AI, when will we finally start to feel the impact of these innovations on the services that matter most to our health and wellbeing? When will we truly be able to move the needle on patient experience and outcomes?

Event agenda: Lunch will be served to you throughout the event
11:00 am – Event registration and networking
11:20 am – Lunch begins, digital healthcare conversation
12:10 pm – Networking

The entrance door is located behind Santa Cruz Ave. where the parking lot is located next door to Dolma Carpet store there is a small door (Suite B) with the name of Impossible.


Register for Opening Night Party June 20th.