Event description

Ethical decisions aren’t always black and white. Today, these conversations are becoming increasingly cross-functional, highlighting new complexities and important trade-offs. The same ethical decisions may have different implications for each domain of expertise.

How do we as product teams surface ethical dilemmas and make thoughtful decisions while still driving towards business goals? How do we as designers understand the power we have to influence people’s behavior through our products? To date, there’s a lot of talk, no action, and a growing need for thought leadership and tactical advice.

Join us for an interactive debate around ethics in design and product (increasing access to data, addictive & persuasive technologies, growing concerns about privacy v. personalization).

Key takeaways:
– A view into the ethical tradeoffs that may occur in a multidisciplinary team
– Examples of how to raise ethical concerns as they come up in product decisions
– New and interesting dilemmas to think about

Coffee and breakfast will be served with an amazing view of San Francisco!


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