Event description

What drives change? What shapes tomorrow’s world? Where do fresh perspectives and new ideas come from? How can we as designers and members of the creative community lead the way to a better future?

Inherently progressive and experimental, designers are naturally open to and excited by the diverse influences and perspectives that gender, ethnicity, culture, demographics and life experiences bring to the table, driven by a passion to try new things and experiment with different forms of storytelling.

We also draw inspiration and ideas from different fields, disciplines and research areas to create engaging and compelling content. Bridging Hollywood and Silicon Valley, Territory Studio believes in strength through collaboration, and this informs our approach to projects across film and TV, products and brands.

We invite you to join our panel featuring Flavio Mac, Animation and Design Lead/Agency Inside, at Intel Corporation; Rafaela Teixeira, Creative Director at Pereira O’Dell; Tac Leung, Chief Architect – User Experience and Impact at ALLOMIND; and Will McGinness, Executive Creative Director at Venables Bell & Partners.


Register for Opening Night Party June 20th.