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According to Adobe’s recent State of Creativity survey, 82% of creatives believe that 2020 forever changed how they create. As a result, UX designers are looking for ways to be more creative than ever while working more efficiently. For Adobe change happened by taking a 30-year-old tool – Adobe Illustrator – and modernizing it for new platforms including the iPad and other mobile devices. With the introduction of Illustrator on the iPad, creatives have the freedom to create, collaborate and contextualize inspiration anytime, anywhere, with anyone. In this session, hear from Adobe’s Vice President of Design Eric Snowden who led the team behind this effort as he shares a behind-the-scenes look at how this was done and why it gives creatives the opportunity to push the boundaries of UX design.

· Learn about the evolution of a long-standing product that continues to reinvent
· How Adobe partners with the creative community on product features
· How AI is incorporated in these new creative tools in ways that are helpful to designers

Eric Snowden

Is the VP of Design, Digital Media at Adobe, Eric Snowden manages a multidisciplinary team of designers responsible for Creative Cloud and Document Cloud applications and services. In the almost seven years Eric has been with Adobe, he has gone from leading design for Creative Cloud Mobile to today being responsible for leading design across all Digital Media products, including household names like: Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, Fresco, Acrobat and Adobe Sign.

An accomplished strategic design leader, Eric not only has a strong vision for product design strategy but is also an expert at connecting dots with cross-functional teams, reading between the lines, and making things happen, all while keeping his team’s growth and success top of mind. Prior to Adobe, Eric was the Head of Mobile for Behance; he has also held roles as VP of Product for Atlantic Records, photography and web design faculty at Parsons School of Design, creative director for Warner Music Group, and design and photo editor for photographer Lynn Goldsmith. Based in Oakland, California, Eric enjoys spending time with his dog Alfie and renovating his mid-century home. You can find Eric on Twitter as @ericsnowden.

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