Event description

Zenefits’ design team members will talk about their journeys to Zenefits; each one will share career turning points/milestones and mistakes/lessons. Food and drinks are included in this event. We will also offer 30 mins of our time for free career consultations through a raffle for people who come to the event!

Casey Busher – Marketing Programs Manager
Event Host

Shantanu Garud – Head of Design
18+ years of experience in digital media – How I navigated my career

Jennifer Yoon – Lead UX Design
10+ years in Silicon Valley – How I built my career as a foreign student

Dylan Welter – Lead Design Marketing Manager
Managing design operations for scalable, engaging solutions

Gulshan Ramesh Chand – Senior UX Design
My journey from UX Researcher to UX Designer

Diana Chiu – UX Design
My journey from being a health care professional to UX designer

Madeline Engle – UX Design
How I persisted despite being laid off from my first job

Vicky Cheng – UX Design Associate
How I turned down job offers in business to pursue a career in design

Kristy Yeh – Junior Brand Designer
From Series A to Series C: My journey as a recent grad


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