Event description

With the pandemic and shelter in place cramping our collective need to hop from one studio to the next this year, we’ve had to get a little creative.

The Studio Crawls will take place in a livestreaming format with each studio having 30 minutes to give attendees a little reprieve from all the daytime panel discussions and workshops. A little bit of a variety show, surprises abound while studios create experiences to entertain: Live designing, virtual product demos mixed with making cocktails, video tours of home workspaces and more.

Login and participate by socializing with friends (or meeting new ones!) in the chat pod, give your studio hosts hi-fives, send emojis or submit questions to be answered live.

Plan to login to the livestream during the designated times with your friends, crack open a beer or sip a glass of wine and prepare to have fun!

Make sure to get your all-access pass to attend the Crawls. Please pre-register for each evening when registration opens on June 8th to receive automatic reminders.

Participating Studios

6:30 PM
Blink is a User Experience (UX) research, strategy, and design firm that works with great companies to create meaningful digital products, brands, and experiences. With studios in Austin, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle, Blink brings two decades of experience using our evidence-driven design process to projects for clients such as Amazon, Microsoft, NASA, and Starbucks.
Gray Area
7:00 PM
We apply the promise and inspiration of digital art to a broader social context. Our programs are transforming cities into creative outlets, applying technology to solve problems, and shaping how art is created and consumed in the digital era.
Hybrid Design
7:30 PM
We are problem solvers, improvisors, artists, craftspeople, thinkers, collectors, adventurers, roll-up-our-sleeves doers. We are a collection of people who love intersections: Mediums, cultures, genres, tastes, industries, techniques, forms, materials, personalities, ideas-smashing, crashing, hugging, high-fiving (from a distance). To us, the way the world tends to divide up design is a tragic oversimplification. We think weird is high praise. We are craft-obsessives, completely in love with the minutiae of typography, materials and experience and we believe that being medium agnostic lets us combine all these intersections into a truly unique perspective on design.”
8:00 PM
We’re Designit, a strategic design firm. We work with ambitious brands to create high-impact products, services, systems and spaces – that people love. Because what matters to people, matters to business. Founded as Cooper in 1992, our studio has partnered with 100s of top clients, including Google, Facebook, Visa, Splunk, TaskRabbit, and NASA. We have diverse expertise – ranging from conversational interfaces, artificial intelligence, and service design, to interaction design and design education – as well as a passion for making the world better.
Fun fact! Many of the fundamental methodologies of modern design – including personas, pair design, and Goal-Directed Design – were invented out of Designit SF. Cooper Professional Education was also born out of the SF studio, and public workshops are held onsite.

Attend by registering for your All-Access Pass