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Astro Studios of California launched in 1994, and since then our multidisciplinary teams have designed over 500 original brands and products; work that has fueled cultural movements and positively impacted our human experience. Astro’s years of collaboration with partners like Nike, HP, Xbox, Logitech, Vive, Shinola, Bose, and many others, including our spin-off brand Astro Gaming, brought us international recognition and cultural relevance as a leader in consumer design, often redefining markets and impacting global industries.

In 2020, Astro joined PA Consulting to leverage our proven experience and influence, blending with PA’s broader range of capabilities that are increasingly needed to develop solutions for a complex future. Now with PA, we can offer clients holistic solutions based in design, strategy, engineering, and science – truly unique end-to-end, rapid commercialization experiences. Astro’s clear mission from inception was to magnify the power of design while advocating for humanity, which is defined by our motto, Fight Gravity; a mission that aligns perfectly with PA’s belief in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future.

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