2020 FiSF: Behind the Design & Future of Fashion

Originally, we planned to host you all in our gorgeous studio, to meet our designers in-person. With the pandemic in full swing, we’ve had to make some adjustments that will still bring style inspiration & artistic joy to your day.

Our online San Francisco Design Week Event will include a trend forecasting summary from the Executive Director of the Fashion Incubator San Francisco (FiSF), explaining fascinating design trends we’re already seeing from fashion designers as a response to COVID-19.

That summary will be followed by a design presentation of Diarra Bousso, a Designer-in-Residence at FiSF, and founder of DIARRABLU. As a high contemporary lifestyle brand, DIARRABLU’s mission is to iterate for sustainability while highlighting the African continent’s rich colors and unique patterns through practical and versatile pieces designed using mathematical concepts or algorithms.

Through a sartorial merger of tradition and technology, artisans and algorithms, the collections are marked by strong structural cuts, bold prints, colorful accents and sustainable solids. The brand’s design process is the result of innovative creative mathematics through the use of algebraic graphs and geometric transformations to create iconic prints. DIARRABLU has been featured in Vogue, Glamour, NY Times, ELLE, Marie Claire, BBC, & Popsugar.

We’ll wrap up the event with a virtual fashion show, featuring women from around the world wearing DIARRABLU. This event is sure to inspire creativity, community, and radiance!

Original Date Aired:

Mon, Jun 15, 2020 10:00 AM

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