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2024 Theme: Attention

We welcome you to participate in the 18th Edition of San Francisco Design Week, with the guiding theme: Attention which was created in partnership with Pact Studio

Shaping the future requires the ability to both focus our concentration and command the consciousness of others. Attracting the interest of consumers, investors, employees, and media is how Bay Area start-ups and brands have grown into the world’s most influential companies. The San Francisco Design Week 2024 theme, “Attention,” created in partnership with Pact Studio, is an opportunity to investigate the internal and external sides of the attention coin, and explore how we can become more intentional with our focus to grow the things that matter most now and in the future.

Join us June 3 – 12, 2024, for a city-wide festival of events and conversations with a diverse array of designers, entrepreneurs, technologists, artists, activists, and strategists deserving of your full attention. It’s a week designed to shake up your routine and inspire new ways to harness your potential.

The Attention Theme

With so many competing ideas, messages, businesses, people, and products, just about every second of every day is an opportunity to filter, direct, or redirect attention, and question what’s worthy of yours. An especially potent theme in an election year, we can see first hand how hype is generated, the constant reality of noise in our culture, and the internal struggle to stay mindful and grounded in our daily lives.

“As designers and humans, attention is a theme that we sometimes struggle with,” says Tony Mingo, partner at Pact. “On one hand, we put things out into the world that are meant to be seen, heard and experienced. On the other hand, the world is so full of seemingly endless content and inspiration, which can quickly overwhelm us to the point where we can’t actually pay attention to anything. How do we make sure we’re contributing in a meaningful way, and where do we leave a bit of space for what’s important?”

Natalia Kowaleczko, Pact founder and creative lead, adds “A great analogy to the idea of attention is the simple highlighter pen, which is designed specifically to attract our attention. So we’re using highlighter green, scale, and repetition to convey the sense of things taking over and fighting for attention until it’s all just noise and nothing matters at all. We can then clear away a bit of that noise, and suddenly that’s the thing we pay attention to. And we find that oftentimes, it’s the smallest details that aren’t shouting for our attention that are the most valuable place to focus.”

About Pact

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