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Ana Arriola celebrates the renegade spirit of California by designing products and experiences that are – Human. Simple. Authentic.

Currently, she is the Global VP of UX & Design at Samsung for Visual Display and Digital Appliances + PXd Studio. Arriola also runs a bespoke skunk works product design consultancy – Minimalisms. Working with craftspeople around the world Arriola has designed iconic objects and experiences such as the world’s first heirloom electronic – Runcible, by Monohm. Designed to be quiet. Fundamentally calming. Humanistic.

Previously, she has led multidisciplinary teams of industrial design & CMF, visual & interactive design, and product management focused on product design at Apple, PlayStation, Sony, Theranos, Adobe. During her tenure with Sony, Arriola was directly responsible for establishing, defining, and driving Sony’s common UX across all 5-screens known as “genome” from Bravia 4K, Xperia, to Vita, ending with the PlayStation 4 console and connected experiences.

Arriola also participates in the United States White House LGBTQ Summit & Briefings that look at potential challenges which include: empowering and mentoring women and girls within STEM, gender equity, big data and privacy, voting rights, the environment, and inclusion in the tech industry. She currently splits her time between San Francisco, Suwon, Seoul, Tokyo, and Kyoto.