Ana Arriola

AI & AGI, Interaction, Industrial Design, Hardware


They / She / Queer Latinx Womxn of Trans Non-binary Experience.

Accomplished craftswomxn in bringing award-winning products and services to market, leveraging nearly two decades of experience and expertise in brand, human-centered product design, and product management. Grounded principles that every experience crafted should be – Human. Simple. Authentic.

Seasoned leader with a unique balance of narrative, strategic thinking, technical expertise, and tactical execution – requirements to deliver quality products, on schedule, to the market.

A global creative who knows the inherent importance of future intellectual property rights within product / UX innovation and inventor and contributor of over 40 patents.

Formerly, Ana was the Director of Product Design for AI working across Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research/FAIR, Applied Machine Learning/AML, and Society & AI Lab/SAIL where she is passionate about the advancement of AI technology in service of people and power and responsibility that comes with it for Facebook’s 2 billion+ users.

Prior to Facebook she was a futurist architecting the Blended Home experience, Global VP of UX & Design at Samsung for Visual Display and Digital Appliances.

Working with craftspeople around the world she has designed iconic objects and experiences such as the world’s first heirloom electronic – Runcible, by Monohm. Designed to be quiet. Fundamentally calming. Humanistic.

Previously, she has led multidisciplinary teams of industrial design & CMF, visual & interactive design, and product management focused on product design at Apple, PlayStation, Sony, Theranos, Adobe.

During her tenure with Sony, Ana was directly responsible for establishing, defining, and driving Sony’s common UX across all 5-screens known as “genome” from Bravia, Xperia, to Vita, ending with the PlayStation 4 console and connected experiences.

When not working she enjoys artisan sake, architecture, and hunting the next best cup of cold brew coffee.