A Maker’s Approach to DEIB


A Maker’s Approach to DEIB

California College of the Arts

Explore CCA’s new web page on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB)—a showcase of our community’s commitment to impact and action. Collaborating with the Vice President of DEIB and change-makers across the college, our site fosters conversations, tells stories, and provides valuable resources.

CCA emphasizes visual culture and design thinking, and our creative direction centers on this “maker’s approach.” The site exemplifies future-directed storytelling and features dynamic elements like expandable definitions and scroll-based interactions. This living page is a model for inclusive digital experiences, illustrating how organizations can approach DEIB work collectively and authentically.

Key Team Members

Tricia Brand, Partner
Joel Lithgow, UI/UX Designer
Jackie Mantley, Writer
Nikol Plass, Partnership Director
Stephanie Tondow Smith, Content Strategist, Creative Director