Accessibility reflow – 400% zoomed design


Accessibility reflow – 400% zoomed design


Cisco’s vision is to improve the way all people work, live, play, and learn. Our design team is committed to designing for all our customers and users.

The world health organization reports at 2.2 billion people globally are afflicted with near or far distant vision impairment. According to the survey conducted by WexAIM, 47% of participants use the screen magnifier tool while browsing websites, with 25% using 400% magnification. A rough calculation based on these two data sources, approximately 275 million people potentially need to zoom in 400% while browsing websites. Although lesser known than other accessibility guidelines, WCAG defines reflow as the ability to magnify and zoom in on web content at 400%. Conforming reflow accessibility makes low-vision users’ experience more intuitive and fulfilling.

The Cisco Webex Platform Design team founded an in-house AX program to address all identified issues including reflow – 400% zoomed design within the Momentum design system. We are currently fixing the problems at the component level and aiming to construct a solid foundation of accessibility. While working on the reflow accessibility works, there are some design challenges for certain components in balancing interaction behavior, usability, and keyboard navigation logic for regular desktop viewport and 400% zoomed viewport.

In addition, our in-house AX program also regularly conducts rigorous accessibility testing. The testing process is strict, intending for our products to meet high standards, including WCAG requirements. With enhancing reflow for Webex Control Hub, our low-vision users will have a vastly improved and fulfilling experience.

Key Team Members

Di Song, Product Designer
Webex Control Hub AX program team,