Agricultural Institute of Marin – The Center for Food and Agriculture


Agricultural Institute of Marin – The Center for Food and Agriculture

Gould Evans

The Center for Food and Agriculture is a public space where all people can connect and experience the benefits of real foods from healthy soils, pastures, and seas. It aims to become a replicable prototype that can foster healthier, resilient communities by fighting for better food, climate justice, and economic equity. The Center is envisioned as the world’s first closed-loop, zero-waste farmers market targeting zero on-site greenhouse gas emissions.

Key elements:
* 250 farmers market spaces for farmers and producers from ~40 CA counties.
* Supports hands-on learning through community nutrition programs and food access
partnerships to reduce food insecurity.
* All-electric building with on-site solar roof and battery to offset energy consumption.
* On-site composting, carbon sequestration biomass gardens, food literacy gardens, and a
pollinator corridor.
* Bio-based building materials of mass timber and agricultural byproducts.
* Composting toilets, a black water system and biodigester demonstrate closed-loop waste
and water management strategies.
* A decarbonized teaching kitchen helps the community learn about reducing their carbon

Key Team Members

Gould Evans, Agricultural Institute of Marin,
April Philips Design Works, Sherwood Design Engineers, and McLennan Design