BREEZ(Asthma inhaler with chamber)


BREEZ(Asthma inhaler with chamber)

Ruijie Jin

For this project, I designed an Asthma inhaler with the elderly as the target group; the overall design was complete and the preliminary research was extensive. The overall design is innovative and breaks with the current understanding of the traditional shape of the Asthma inhaler. The ergonomics of the inhaler are enhanced by the inclusion of a chamber structure, a correct breathing whistle, and a removable air fluid propulsion fan to ensure that asthma sufferers, especially the elderly, can inhale their medication more effectively when using the inhaler. The overall design is brightly colored and shaped to ensure that it stands out as an emergency medication. The design process was full and included hand drawing, modeling, 3D modeling, and rendering techniques. The design concept is human-centered, building the design shape through the needs of asthma patients.

Key Team Members

Ruijie Jin, Designer
Ian Coats MacColl, Supervising Professor