Brooklyn Basin: MidPen Affordable Housing


Brooklyn Basin: MidPen Affordable Housing

Civic Design Studio

Civic Design Studio’s mission is to establish Oakland as a regional hub for creative industries to bring creative and social power into the hands of its people. The Brooklyn Basin project is unique and one of its kind by bridging multiple sectors to create various forms of art. We worked with Oakland students to execute this project, which consisted of a display of 100+ pieces of large scale public artwork, including: kinetic wind installations, concrete floor designs, wall to wall sound panels, and a 2 story lobby mural. Each piece created had an intentional story and integrated approach behind it that the students wanted to convey, with the prevailing theme centered around community pride, Oakland history, and advocacy. This project was cultivated during the onset of the pandemic and brought into fruition by leveraging our partnerships with OUSD and MidPen Housing to transform this housing project into a community hub that is accessible to underserved communities and individuals.

Key Team Members

Project Lead, Thomas Wong
Lead Muralist , Cece Carpio
Art Squad Lead, Lauryn Marshall
Art Squad Members - Alana Landrum, Naomi Zaro, Jingyi Zhou