Chapter 510


Chapter 510


Chapter 510 is “a magicked-up safe & creative space” where every young person in Oakland can learn to write with confidence and joy.

1 in 3 Oakland students report chronic hopelessness, with 8th graders, youth of color, and youth who identify as queer hit the hardest. Only 21% of our 3rd graders are reading-proficient. Our learning spaces are stressed beyond capacity to offer one-on-one support.

IDW was honored to partner in reviving Chapter 510’s brand & building out a new writing center in the heart of Oakland— with writing / bookmaking studios, a podcast recording room, and a stage. In “The Dept. of Make / Believe,” the broader community can support by buying young writers’ books & products, volunteering, and co-creating. True to 510’s ethos, community input was vital.

“This brand has influenced every aspect of what we do now. People walk in and sometimes literally shed tears, inspired by the light, color, shapes, plants in downtown Oakland. This brand is JOY!” — 510 Program director

Acknowledgments : To all of the community members, teaching artists, and compassionate innovators who volunteered their time and skills to making this wonderful space. To Janet, Tavia, and Perla for being excellent clients and collaborators, and for supporting us in making great work.

Key Team Members

Brand: Leigh Okies,, Tay Bird
Brand Strategy:Patti Birbiglia, Lauren Kerr
Muralist , Simon Tran
Type Designers:JM Solé, Tré Seals of Vocal Type Co.
Sign Painters, Dom & Aesos One
Screen printer, Forthrite Printing and Social Imprints
Interior structures, Gensler & Girls Garage
Website extension / execution, Monforte Studio
Photos, Miles Lassi