Corner Villa – Arash Madani House


Corner Villa – Arash Madani House

Arash Madani


The “Corner Villa” design balances communal spaces for gatherings with private sanctuaries for the owner. A key feature is the courtyard located at the back, ensuring seclusion from the main facade and parking area. Private spaces and bedrooms are on a single floor, connected by a deep balcony, allowing simultaneous activities and enhancing energy efficiency during lower occupancy periods. The villa’s shape includes broken lines and geometric lozenges, providing expansive balconies and shading to ensure thermal comfort. These broken lines also offer captivating views and thermal comfort by shading areas exposed to intense sunlight. Construction materials are prominently displayed, showcasing the architecture and reducing the need for meticulous finishing, thus conserving materials and supporting environmental sustainability.

Key Team Members

Arash Madani, Lead Architect
Elahah Ashoori, Design Team
Sahel Tafti, Design Team
Iraj Semyari, Project Manager
Masih Mostajeran, Photo Credits