Honorable Mention: Crisis Clean Up


Honorable Mention: Crisis Clean Up


“Hundreds of disasters occur each year. Hundreds of thousands of people are affected by them. About a million homes are destroyed annually. Crisis Cleanup is a collaborative disaster work order management platform that improves coordination, reduces duplication of efforts, and improves efficiency and volunteers’ experience. Since 2012 above 650,000 volunteers have used Crisis Cleanup and helped in 143 disasters with 25% higher efficiency. Crisis Cleanup has assisted 80,905 Households. 20,000 of them wouldn’t have received assistance without Crisis Cleanup. The new platform allows saving a great deal of time for volunteers, which leads to helping more people. This platform is flexible enough for working in unpredictable situations. Crisis CleanUp is currently involved in a fight with Covid-19 creating a Corona Comunity website that helps volunteers assist those who really need it in these difficult times. Crisis CleanUp is not a technology. It is a philosophy. We at Netrix are really excited to be a part of it.”

Key Team Members

Olha Uzhykova , Design Director
Maria Filatova , Lead UX/UI Designer