Curative COVID-19 Testing Kiosk


Curative COVID-19 Testing Kiosk

One Hat One Hand

One Hat One Hand had the opportunity to collaborate with Gehl People and a covid testing startup, Curative, to design and develop a mobile structure that would simultaneously function as a testing lab while also being portable, easy to replicate, and quickly deployable. The COVID-19 testing booth allows people to walk up and self-administer a test. The self-contained unit, a mere 50SF, is a rapidly deployable small-size testing structure built to serve a large throughput of people while providing a safe environment for medical professionals. This project required product development, product design, and construction such that it could easily be used by many people thousands of times in various locations and weather conditions. One of the most critical aspects of this project was the speed of creation. In a matter of weeks, we had a prototype in use and testing in Berkley, California.

Key Team Members

One Hat One Hand , Ghel People