Cut and Paste:Preventing Visual Plagiarism


Cut and Paste:Preventing Visual Plagiarism

Nanyang Technological University

This project addresses a topic that affects everyone in the creative industry at some point during their career: Visual Plagiarism. Yet, it is an issue that is seldom discussed or, worse, brushed aside as unimportant. This is perhaps due to the ambiguity of taking reference from an image and copying from it, and it is this ambiguity that can lead to poor ethical choices. However, rather than preach rights or wrongs, this project intends to provide relevant information and raise awareness, in order to enable students to make their own informed choices. The brief was therefore, to create an integrated visual system which would appeal to young designers in Singapore to guide them through complex topics via an active learning workshop. Collaterals include: a bespoke folder, book, bookmark, posters & a custom designed stationery kit, all of which focus on culturally appropriate imagery and rich, real-world examples of visual plagiarism, homage, pastiche and parody.

Key Team Members

Lisa Winstanley, Art Director / Designer
Wu You, Designer
Lisa Peh Jiaxian, Photographer
Eugene Lim Ming Zheng, Film and Production