Cuzen Matcha


Cuzen Matcha

World Matcha Inc.

Cuzen Matcha produces remarkably fresh matcha from whole organic shade-grown leaves and an innovative machine. Our Matcha Maker and Matcha Leaf were designed to work together; freshly grinding our specially prepared tea leaves into a fine matcha powder, and whisking it into water. Matcha this fresh has rich umami flavor and gives the drinker calm, long-lasting energy. It’s something refreshing and versatile you can drink every day—and doesn’t come with the wasteful plastic pod system used by many coffee machines.

Our goal is to share freshly ground matcha with as many people as we can while encouraging the adoption of sustainable systems, whether that’s by partnering with high quality organic Japanese tea farmers or by minimizing packaging and reducing single-use plastics.

Key Team Members

Eijiro Tsukada, Co-Founder & CEO
Oki Hatta, Co-Founder & CPO
Naoya Edahiro, Industrial Designer
Ayumi Ostrowski , Graphic Designer
Tif Slama, Writer
Jamie Vitt , Videographer
Shino Tsukada, Sales & Marketing
Kayoko Jorgensen, Sales & Marketing
Kate Jorgensen , Marketing
Ema Kubo Roberson , Copy Editor
Keith Pasko , Brand Ambassador
Paje Victoria , Photographer
Masashi Noda , Photographer