Dan Marino Foundation: Virtual Interactive Training Agent (ViTA)


Dan Marino Foundation: Virtual Interactive Training Agent (ViTA)

Very Big Things, LLC.

The Dan Marino Foundation (DMF), a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, wanted a platform that helps its clients prepare for interviews and other job-search-related communication. DMF wanted them to be able to use the platform anywhere, expanding access to more than just its constituents. We built a platform immersing users in a mock interview experience, including interactions with highly realistic digital interviewers whose dispositions can be set to easy, moderate, or tough. Users can practice interviewing, social interactions during interviews and other job search-related communication.

Key Team Members

Chris Stegner, CEO
Renato Lopez, UX Lead
Rich Decicca, AM
Christina Zhanko, PM
Dafnee Zambrano, UX
Marko Horvatic, FE
Yevhen Yavaiev, BE
Alex Toshev, 3D developer
Igor Kushnir, 3D designer
Oleksii Maksymov, WebVR Team Lead