As the oldest B2B agency in the US, Omnicom-owned Doremus+Co has a century-long tradition of taking a non-traditional approach to B2B advertising.

We created a visual identity that honors their legacy while contemporizing it with an unexpected playfulness. At the heart of our system sits a friendly, colorful and shapely new type we built called Doremus. These bulbous adventures in geometric abstraction communicate that this is not your father’s B2B agency. Working in tandem with the more traditional ABC Diatype font, the complete type system delivers a healthy balance of old world meets new that is undeniably original, intriguing and fun.

We chose a color palette of royal blue, salmon, camel and gray because it too plays into the central theme of playful and unexpected surprise. Seldom seen together, these colors evoke a confident yet almost carnivalesque feeling.

We implemented our design across a redesigned website, business cards and other collateral.

Key Team Members

Casey Martin, ECD
Nate Baltikas, Design Director
Mauro Bonillo, Seth Lunsford, Rosie Manning, Senior Designer
Albert Mestres, Chao Wang, Nic Claure, Ray Ramirez, Dylan Wells, Designer
Lauren Konig, Motion Designer
Juan Hernández, Photographer
Lindsay McMenamin, Sr. Producer