Dropbox Logo System


Dropbox Logo System


We collaborated with Dropbox to create a series of animated glyphs for their newest products. We wanted each symbol to clearly embody the product features, so they could be recognized and understood when seen apart from their product name.

We also wanted each to comfortably fit within the existing Dropbox brand architecture. While some occasionally break the symmetry of the original Dropbox logo, each leverages the overarching geometric style made famous by the parental Dropbox icon as well as its signature core brand colors of blue and graphite.

The glyph for Capture, a video messaging tool, was inspired by a camera aperture. Sign, a doc signing tool, incorporates the iconic X used to mark the spot for signatures. Forms converts PDFs into signature-ready, mobile-friendly forms. Its glyph is a document hovering over a phone. The Fax glyph looks like its namesake. DocSend comes to life as a dog-eared pie-chart with an arrow reveal indicating the send function.

Key Team Members

Casey Martin, Founder + ECD
Ellis Latham-Brown, Senior Designer
Kelly Scheurich, Senior Designer
Rosie Manning, Senior Designer
Simon Blanckensee, Senior Designer
Chandler Reed, Designer
Daniela Paz, Designer
Dylan Wells, Designer
Kyle L. Beck, Design Director
Lauren Konig, Animator
Mari Juliano, Photographer