Drought Resilience Impact Platform (DRIP)


Drought Resilience Impact Platform (DRIP)

University of Colorado Boulder Mortenson Center in Global Engineering

The Drought Resilience Impact Platform, DRIP, combines the technical leadership of CU Boulder with water security actions taken by the Millennium Water Alliance, national governments, and local communities in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. DRIP will monitor water security in these three countries, create actionable drought forecasts, and incentivize water system operations to ensure that when rains fail, water access is secure and costly drought emergencies are prevented.

Key Team Members

Evan Thomas, Laura Brunson
Doris Kaberia, Styver Kathuni
Taylor Sharpe, Christian Muragijimana
Karl Linden, Amy Hill
Daniel Wilson, Skot Croshere

About the organization

The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) was formed in 2016 around a simple principle—we believe that climate and socioeconomic data should be accessible and usable for everyone. We are a partnership of leading research institutions, government agencies, adaptation practitioners, and technology companies, working to empower communities and businesses around the world to build resilience to climate change by improving access to data, creating best-in-class tools, and helping people navigate the complicated resilience planning landscape.