EcoSafi: Brand, Product Design & Retail Experience


EcoSafi: Brand, Product Design & Retail Experience

Enlisted Design


Each day, more than 2 billion individuals rely on harmful fuels such as charcoal for cooking, contributing to global carbon emissions, deforestation, and severe household air pollution. Through Enlisted Design’s collaboration with EcoSafi, we created a sustainable and clean brand through strategy, identity, packaging and retail presence, and the industrial design for an innovative charcoal-alternative fuel system product called BetterStove: a new-to-market biomass cooking stove for emerging markets.

The stove – fueled by biomass pellets are made entirely from sugarcane waste in Africa, saving trees and cutting household air pollution by 95%, while also making food preparation safer and less time intensive.

It was important that the EcoSafi brand resonated with people in emerging countries, making them feel valued and understood, rather than feeling like an external solution was being imposed upon them. Enlisted focused on creating a brand that would empower local communities.

Key Team Members

Beau Oyler,
Kieran Moriarty,
Carly Kim,
Nathanael Gonzalez,
Umrah Saleh,
Jo Roat,
John Eagle,
Shin Eguchi,
Thomas Ryun,
Ryan Coons,
John Nam,
Machel Devin,