UC Berkeley Master of Design

Every year in the United States, 30-40% of all food produced goes wasted, costing time, money and resources. That means that 133 billion pounds of food is thrown away each year while as many as 811 million people worldwide still go hungry everyday.

EIDOS is a solution that helps you use up what you have, buy only what you need and minimize what you throw away. EIDOS, meaning something that is seen or intuited, uses ambient tiles to gently remind individuals when items in their refrigerator are expiring. A companion app scans receipts, suggests recipes for soon to expire ingredients and recommends smart shopping lists to help individuals avoid overbuying in the first place. EIDOSreduces food waste by building new habits for a healthier planet.

The physical presence of EIDOS is designed to mimic the visual variety of refrigerator magnets while others have commented that the glowing colorful patterns of EIDOS itself can be viewed as art making it an ideal companion for every kitchen.

Key Team Members

Lula Duloup, Akash Mahajan,
Eleanor Mayes, Debbie Yuen, Roland Saekow