Emergence Capital


Emergence Capital

Fennie + Mehl

Venture capital firm Emergence combined two Bay Area offices to give their team a flagship space where they could seek out, win over, and propel forward their chosen companies.
Fennie+Mehl opened up the historic waterfront Pier 5 building to let in both more light and jaw-dropping views. Exposing previously hidden timbers and incorporating earth tones, organic materials, and pops of color gives the office the distinguished quality of an elegant vessel on the Bay.

In the main salon, an up-lit wall highlights an Emergence “E” logo pattern that emerges out of raked monochromatic plaster. The designers relocated the previous stair to open up views upon entering the space. Bronze rods make the stair seem either transparent or opaque depending on where one stands.

Meaningful connections happen throughout the main salon. The coffee-bar and library on the upper floors support more focused work. Flex offices allow for single-use private office functionality and multi-use collaborative meetings.

Key Team Members

Doug Mehl, Principal, Fennie + Mehl
Jenna Ruth, Principal, Fennie + Mehl
Omied Arvin, Principal, Fennie + Mehl
James Ibali, Designer, Fennie + Mehl
Vismaya Koni, Designer, Fennie + Mehl
Brandon Jones, Project Executive
Alfred Joves, Principal Builders
Brendon Lee, Project Manager / Principal Builders
Anthony Salvato, Assistant Project Manager / Principal Builders
Dave Doarn, Superintendent / Principal Builders
Matthew Millman, Photography
MG West, Creative Wood
Canopy Project Management, Rutherford + Chekene
Meyers+ Engineers, BEI
AVDG, CSDA Consultants
Patrick J Ruane Inc, Plasterwork