Etalon posture bra


Etalon posture bra


The Etalon Posture Bra is an innovative design project aimed at revolutionizing posture improvement. Etalon combines a deep understanding of body biomechanics with patent-pending technology to create a functional and stylish way to improve women’s posture and release back pain.

The founder, Kristina Rudzinskaya, is a certified Pilates instructor and former tech professional who drew on her expertise in movement and her personal journey overcoming back pain and poor posture.

The designer placed human experience at the core to redefine the traditionally uncomfortable process of posture correction. Instead of relying on the common method of pulling shoulders back, which restricts movement, Etalon gradually guides the scapulae toward their optimal position.
Etalon goes beyond the benefits to the human body with its commitment to our planet in design, sourcing, and manufacturing. Etalon Bra is sustainably made from eco-friendly materials in a women-owned factory in San Francisco.

Key Team Members

Kristina Rudzinskaya, Inventor