Gardens of Golden Gate Park


Gardens of Golden Gate Park


Honorable Mention


Gardens of Golden Gate Park, a new entity that unites the SF Botanical Garden, Conservatory of Flowers and Japanese Tea Garden under one organization, aims to become a world-leading cultural institution.

Office developed the brand strategy, identity system, website, merchandise, signage, communications and brand guidelines.

At the outset, we heard from stakeholders (and experienced first-hand) that a walk through The Gardens is full of small surprises that spark joy and wonder. We tried to evoke a similar response with the design language. This meant leaving room for expressiveness and artfulness, to infuse a sense of delight in communications.

The bold, simple design elements are rooted in classic forms to create a modern, yet timeless feel — reflecting the iconic nature of The Gardens. The vibrant color palette represents the plants through the seasons. Overall, the system is elevated to match the high-quality experience of visiting The Gardens, while still feeling welcoming to all.

Key Team Members

Jason Schulte, CD
Jill Robertson, CD, Strategy
Rob Alexander, Designer
Will Ecke, Designer
Merrill Henrich, Designer, Animator
Stacy Rollo, Strategy
Doninique Mao, Production Management
Olivia Donnelly, Production Management
Reva Parness, Account
Electric Pulp, Web Development
Arrowood Photography, Photography
Drew Bird, Photography
Saxton Holt, Photography
Annette Dennis, Stock Usage
Alens Lidaks, Stock Usage