School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University

Geagle is a smart & thoughtful shopping companion for a seamless grocery shopping experience with Giant Eagle. The project originated as part of the Interaction Design Studio at the School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University. Our team of 5 diverse designers was challenged to conceptualize & integrate an intelligent conversational assistant within Giant Eagle’s existing product ecosystem, specifically their mobile app & kiosk. We conceived plausible scenarios where a smart assistant could intervene to provide a personalized, seamless, and assistive experience, specifically for millennial & senior shoppers, and designed an end-to-end experience around that. Our final designed solution represents how different design disciplines can come together to create a wholesome, refined experience. It includes aspects of visual design, motion design, conversation design, interface design, and interaction design – all tied together to craft a seamless & intuitive experience for end customers.

Key Team Members

Chen Yu Chiu, Elaine Lu
Ivar Dameron, Juwon Lee
Lokesh Fulfagar,