Goodwater Collective


Goodwater Collective

Cho Thompson


Goodwater Collective is the visionary product of Goodwater Capital’s prescience that the fastest-growing workplace would one day be the “third space.” This project combines aspects of coffee shops, lobbies, and social clubs, acknowledging that despite the surge in remote work, people must be in community, building social networks and in flexible, inspiring spaces not replicable at home. Providing the VC firm’s portfolio leaders a venue to learn from each other, the Collective also serves as an amenity for the community and outside companies. Companies often borrow the space for all-hands meetings and events. A library wall features products of the portfolio companies but also houses board games, acknowledging that relationships and ideas often form during recreational activities. This forward-looking project acknowledges that work, wellness, community, and culture are inextricably intertwined and integral to the workplace if wanting to stay relevant in today’s world.

Key Team Members

Christina Cho Yoo,
Ming Thompson,
Mikaela Leo,
Minji Seol,
Jen Tai,
Julie de Jesus,
Julie Yen,
Marissa Tucci,
Bess Friday,