Google 237 MPD


Google 237 MPD

IA Interior Architects

Located at the Google campus, a three-building complex that launched the first
supercomputer in the 1960s is repurposed as a symbiotic ecosystem, uniting built
environment, occupants, and nature to reimagine the workplace and invent the future
through technology. With a huge footprint, the existing complex was dark with no
navigational pulls, so create continuity and infuse natural light throughout the two-story
buildings, the design team established a main circulation path linking three major points
of light achieved by leveraging an existing skylight and courtyard and adding a huge
Oculus that cuts through one of the building’s structure

The new space nourishes, inspires, and interacts with its highly energized users,
ensuring equitable access for all to fresh air, daylight, and plentiful amenities. Powered
by 100% renewable energy, the site features zero plastic/single use waste, and
captures and filters about 260,000 gallons of rainwater a year. The project achieved the
Living Building Challenge certification for the petals of Materials, Equity, Beauty, and
Place, and represents one of the largest Living Building Challenge Material Petal

Key Team Members

Colin O’Malley, IA Interior Architects, Principal-in-Charge
Aaron Wong, IA Interior Architects, Design Director
Agnes Pietraszek, IA Interior Architects, Senior Designer
Vicki Salgado, IA Interior Architects, Technical Director
Gary Bouthillette, IA Interior Architects, Senior Director of Lighting Design
Bryan Yu, IA Interior Architects, Senior Lighting Designer
Olle Lundberg, Lundberg Design, Design Principal
Michelle Kriebel, Lundberg Design, Architect