Google Charleston East


Google Charleston East

Aidlin Darling Design

Honorable Mention

In the new Google Headquarters, the store is designed to activate curiosity and educate the public about Google’s product design and production methods.  

A sinuous, spine-like sculptural installation winds through the space, providing a 120-foot-long continuous interactive display for an array of hardware offerings. The design is inspired by the contrasting forms of the surrounding context—the fluidity of San Francisco Bay’s Northerly estuaries and the man-made grids of the urban fabric. The cellular assemblage is a “Cabinet of Curiosities” that promotes active discovery with drawers to open, informative visual graphics, and 3D interactive displays.  

With a focus on human physiology and interaction, the store’s design integrates both organic and cellular forms that are choreographed to inspire the brain and body. The completed assemblage of elements and spaces invites users to explore, create, and engage with not only technology, but the process of innovation.