Hack a:Tack


Hack a:Tack

Shreya Saraf

ITU reported that in 2020, 71% of youth actively used the internet. Accessing apps early brings social status, but as they become adults, internet use becomes more serious, and sensitive information is shared. Cyberbullying often goes unreported.

Hack a:Tack was created to facilitate learning about online safety, using role play for fun and engagement. The board game aims to familiarize players with internet jargon. It involves players taking on roles of hacker or surfer, each with specific tasks to complete. It involves Action Cards to introduce jargon in a fun way, encouraging players to apply and learn. Repeated play enables players to use the jargon. The main aim of the game was to intrinsically motivate teens to play.

The game aims to make the learning process fun and interactive. By doing so, teens could be encouraged to be more responsible with their online behavior, leading to a more just and equitable digital future.

The Internet is fun to use, why make learning about it boring?

Key Team Members

Shreya Saraf, Designer