Hale Kiawe


Hale Kiawe

Walker Warner


The design of this new retreat evokes a careful reverence for history and environment, resulting in a soulful home that feels both unique and of a place. The owners wanted a home that felt warm, welcoming, and expressive, and as minimalists, they desired a space that was an exercise in restraint. To create such a place, while also honoring their Indian heritage, they sought to incorporate the principles of Vastu Shastra—an ancient Indian architectural system based on harnessing the energies and elements of nature.

The site was a barren tract of land, save for the underpinnings of a long-forgotten building and a scattering of kiawe trees where flourishing groves once stood. After discovering that lava had formerly flowed through the site on its path from mauka (mountain) to makai (ocean), it was critical that the architecture echoed this history. Thus the home, in harmony with the terrain, hovers above a bed of grasses and molten rock—emblematic of an era when lava ran through the site.

Key Team Members

Architectural Team
Greg Warner, Principal
Sharon Okada, Senior Project Manager
Matthew Marset, Architectural Staff
Vivi Lowery, Architectural Staff
Additional Teams
Philpotts Interiors, Interior Design
David Y. Tamura Associates, Landscape
EJA Lighting Design, Lighting
Metzler Contracting Co. LLC, Construction
Matthew Millman, Photography