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Harlan Records

Marissa Jade Designs

Project/Design Description: Harlan Records is a cocktail bar located in the heart of Union Square, which once was the epicenter for blues, jazz and live music. Taking inspiration from 1950s/60s era, recording studios, record shops, as well as slick black vinyl from a simple record itself. This space is meant to be layered in time with exposed concrete from the century-old building and added touches of mid-century modern décor. If you could make a bar look like a music component cabinet from the mid-century era, that’s Harlan Records.
When you enter the space you see over 2000 records flanked along the entire back wall, displayed album cover artwork integrated into the millwork, vintage radios, a DJ booth, and a cozy bar meant for great cocktails and a great time.
Blackened steel and walnut shelves make up the back bar structure and the slick black bar top is juxtaposed against the rough concrete columns. The elevated stage is lined with a “U” booth perfect for larger groups and two teal banquettes sit under the record displays open for parties small or large. Antique radios from the ‘40s and ‘50s that were collected and restored by the owner’s grandfather are displayed and intertwined into the back bar shelving amongst the curated spirits.
To compliment the rich interior tones, there is a mix of color coming through in the displayed album covers and is interchangeable for revolving artwork. The Hi-Fi sound system sets the tone and sets itself apart from a Wi-Fi focused world. Harlan Records takes you back in time. The design is well balanced like a well-rounded cocktail and it’s meant for bargoers to enjoy while listening to a live DJ set or hearing the bartender’s curated record packs on the vintage turntable behind the bar.

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Ashley Ann Photos @ashley_ann_photos , Photography
Marissa Marsh, Marissa Jade Designs

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