Medium Plenty

The Heist project brings simple, honest materials with site-specific custom elements to an entirely renovated industrial building in the heart of Oakland, CA. By creating communal spaces for public use in addition to private workspace, it allows for a more inclusive dynamic between the existing community and the businesses that are beginning to re-activate older factory style buildings. Medium Plenty successfully met the challenge of converting the empty warehouse and creating an ambitious, multi-level space that is both modern and welcoming. The openness of the space is well balanced in creating intimate, approachable areas that also feel light and make use of the magnificent scale available.

As an inclusive, collaborative hub for visual storytelling, the space has been thoughtfully developed to serve as a space that allows Heist to do what they do best: bring ideas to life that inspire, entertain, motivate and reflect the communities they serve.

Key Team Members

Ian Read, Principal, Medium Plenty
Gretchen Krebs, Principal, Medium Plenty
Harsh Patel, Project Designer, Medium Plenty
Photographer, Melissa Kaseman