Honorable Mention: Telehealth Toolbox


Honorable Mention: Telehealth Toolbox

frog design

frog, one of the world’s top design firms, has launched Telehealth Toolbox, an online resource to help doctors transition to telemedicine quickly, safely, and efficiently, reducing stress on the healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth Toolbox provides a set of simple guidelines and practical tools to accelerate the adoption of telehealth practices by primary care physicians, particularly those at smaller practices that lack the resources or experience to offer telemedicine services. The Telehealth Toolbox focuses on a concise set of recommendations and tools that doctors can put into immediate action in three simple steps: preparing a practice for telehealth, preparing patients, and delivering remote care. These steps were developed from existing research by highly respected sources including the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, the American Association of Family Practitioners, and the American Medical Association.

Key Team Members

Craig Cisero, Zach Roesler
Oskar Gorannson, Valerie Sauterey
Aravind Santhosh, Chiara Casadei
Lea Bailly, Mattia Parietti and Miguel Teigell