Honorable Mention: Twincrafts and Quail + Crane – Grand Hyatt SFO


Honorable Mention: Twincrafts and Quail + Crane – Grand Hyatt SFO

RoseBernard Studio

Quail + Crane, the 105 seat two-story restaurant is designed for the traveler, allowing guests to define their own experience, to relax, revitalize, and connect while away from home. The 3-meal restaurant feels uniquely linked to the Bay Area—from San Francisco and Silicon Valley, to Napa Valley and the Santa Cruz mountains. Accenting the experience are local artworks inspired by the region, and a direct connection to the local landscape is reflected in the tabletops, sculptural art, open-kitchen, and materiality. These curated pieces create a space that feels honest, crafted, and unique to the Bay Area.

Directly connected to the hotel’s lobby and located above the separate restaurant, the 68-seat Twincrafts Market + Bar is inspired by the Bay Area’s cityscape, mixing the qualities of the best bars and markets in the Bay Area. Details emulating the region’s urban characteristics transports guests outside SFO—from grid topography and textures, to eclectic architecture and cable car-inspired light fixtures, to street-inspired artwork. The design team envisioned open sight lines, desiring optimal traffic flow while still offering optional intimacy.

Key Team Members

Justin Colombik, Design Director + Partner
Rob Polacek, Creative Director + Partner
Evgheni Curdov, Senior Technical Designer + Project Manager
Claire Fahrbach, Designer
Jocelyn Ramos, Designer III