IonQ Quantum Computer


IonQ Quantum Computer



The IonQ Quantum Computer is an extremely advanced computer that uses quantum mechanics and “qubits” to perform calculations. It is exponentially faster than classical computers, increasing computational power by one quintillion. It is often used in conjunction with AI to tackle the world’s most difficult problems such as climate change research, disease research, drug interaction simulation, theoretical physics, and much more.

IonQ is the first practical quantum computer, designed to fit in a data center. Instead of creating one big cumbersome machine like other companies have tried, the IonQ design is flexible and modular. Its main QPU and flanking peripheral units scale to customer needs.

IonQ is a transcendent design, intended to match its extraordinary and futuristic transcendent technology. It has multi-layered glass doors that are etched in a mysterious pattern that represents its complex quantum activity. The design is as weird and wonderful as the science itself.

Quantum computing is the most promising new technology to emerge in the last hundred years, along with the Internet, artificial intelligence and fusion power.  Conventional computers have hit their limit when it comes to solving the world’s most intractable and complex problems. Scientists agree, quantum computers are the ultimate tool needed to take the next big leap in our understanding of our universe. 

Our challenge was to conceive a strong hardware vision including its form factor, appearance identity and human interaction model and we needed to make a “statement”.

IonQ’s unique design helps to manifest and symbolize this wonderful new technology. It advances the quantum computing category by bringing a scalable quantum option to a market that hasn’t experienced it yet. By switching from classical computers to IonQ quantum technology, data centers can achieve 34 billion times more powerful computation than their nearest supercomputer competitors. IonQ has a unique advantage in its processing method, called entanglement. Entanglement is the most stable quantum processor on the market, resulting in the lowest error rates of all its competitors.

The industrial design of IonQ makes this extraordinary technical capability more human, more approachable, and more identifiable. The design creates the very identity of quantum computing. It shows people, “Oh, this is what this hot new computer technology should look like.”  

Key Team Members

Dan Harden,
Cole Derby,
Aki Nakazawa,
Harry Liao,
Natalie Rowan,