Kudo – the cutest way to fight climate change


Kudo – the cutest way to fight climate change

School of Visual Arts

The current generation, particularly Generation Z, has been exposed to a constant stream of harrowing images of the detrimental effects of climate change on our planet. Despite popular sustainable actions, like recycling, using reusable bags and water bottles, or even going vegan, nothing seems to change. Little progress has been made to address the underlying, complex and politically charged issues that are the root cause of climate change. This sense of creeping urgency and hopelessness associated with the climate crisis can lead to feelings of powerlessness and anxiety among young adults. To create a healthier relationship with sustainability, Kudo reimagines what taking climate action looks like.
Kudo is an app that helps Gen Z take bite-sized climate actions alongside a virtual pet. Climate change is a tough place to be positive, but Kudo gives a safe, playful space to take gradual steps. Users are given daily missions, can personalize their pets with unique customizations, and even interact with friends and communities. By giving small climate actions every day that are simple but direct, Kudo empowers individuals to form new positive relationships with their own climate and sustainability journey.

Key Team Members

Brenda Son,
Fan Fang,
Yuri Kim,
Krystal Persaud, Advisor