Le Colibri


Le Colibri

Olivier Turon Design

What do you remember from the last time you flew? Did you catch a red-eye and sleep the entire flight? Perhaps you read a book or watched a movie to pass the time? Le Colibri is a private aircraft cabin concept that invites you to savor your time in the air and aims to evolve how we fly.

Inspired by Haussmannian interior architecture, the residential theme of this unique canvas features soft lines and natural materials. The composition focuses on an unmatched personal space filled with bespoke furnishings, accent lightings and subtle integrated technology. One of the key features of Le Colibri is the portholes; they offer an unprecedented live perspective of the sky and generously bring in natural light. The electrochromic glass can be controlled by the occupants to set the tone. This idea literally expresses a “your world above the world” approach that allows passengers to unwind, share, dine or energize at their discretion.

Designed to be easily implementable to floor plans of aircraft manufacturers such as Bombardier, Gulfstream and Airbus Corporate Jet, this layout is presented to accommodate up to 10 passengers for transcontinental and international voyages in all serenity. In addition to this effortless integration into existing planes, Le Colibri comes with a long-term commitment to going beyond carbon neutrality in support of NET-ZERO 2050. This would be achieved by carbon offsetting all emissions, adopting sustainable fuels and investing in electrification.

Le Colibri was conceptualized to please highly-demanding VIP and private markets for ownership but it would also be available through renting, either via time-sharing, jet cards and charter to redefine and normalize the private aviation industry. A trip with Le Colibri should be as simple as hailing a rideshare service. Broader audiences, from couples to families to groups of friends, can book private flights for special occasions to extend the memorability of the entire journey.

A true passion for aviation is at the core of this submission. I have also always been fascinated with designs such as interiors that are mobile rather than static. From DIY custom mobile spaces such as campers, travel trailers, or boats to aircraft interiors, I find it very satisfying to be able to get from point A to point B in the same setting. But I wondered if the setting itself could change, if it could be improved.

Time is precious and finding the time to travel elsewhere, even moreso. For such occasions, why not make the most of every moment? Rather than being a means to an end, travel time can be made into a pleasurable and even unforgettable experience. Your trip does not have to begin once you reach your destination. Make the journey count, too. Le Colibri challenges modes of transportation solely being utilized to move from one place to the next and encourages open consideration for elevating spaces people spend a considerable amount of time in.

Key Team Members

Núbia Azevedo, João Santos, and Melissa Wong

About the organization

A native of Biarritz, France, Oliv initially moved to the U.S. with the intention of improving his English and furthering his education. He naturally fell in love with California and completed his Interior Architecture & Design studies in Santa Barbara & San Francisco. His eagerness to learn has landed him formidable opportunities to work with brilliant designers—including Gary Hutton, Alison Damonte, Joanna Wong, and Eche Martinez. In his spare time, Oliv enjoys re-imagining transportation interiors and working on projects like Le Colibri with the hope of one day bringing these concepts to fruition. For now, Oliv wants to learn as much as he possibly can—he does not know what his future holds, but he is utterly convinced the bond he has with Architecture & Design will bring him to a place where he can realize his dreams and simply be himself.