Loop is an interactive game for children, aiming to educate and engage them in the conservation of endangered species and the importance of natural balance. Through creative creature design, interactive gameplay with physical blocks, and collaborative play, children learn about wildlife conservation and become environmental stewards. The game emphasizes the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the consequences of human actions. By using projection mapping technology, Loop creates an immersive and augmented reality experience, allowing children to explore a virtual world combined with reality. The goal is to inspire young children to think about living in harmony with nature and to raise awareness about the impact of their actions on the environment. Loop fosters a nature-centered design culture and encourages children to become mindful of their daily choices for a balanced and sustainable future.

We focus on 3 main aspects in our interactive game:

1. Creative: Foster children’s creativity to design their own creatures in the game.
2. Interactive: Interaction with different physical blocks in the game promotes systematic thinking and advocates for harmony between humans and nature.
3. Collaborative: Encourage children to play and work together to build a balanced and harmonious world.

View the demo video of Loop here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruTa1TtOW6o&t=1s

Key Team Members

Bowen Wei, Team Member
Esther Jan , Team Member
Kimberly Hirsch , Team Member
Michelle Hwang, Team Member