Luminarium Branding


Luminarium Branding


Kiewit Luminarium is a completely new kind of science center — a place for everyone to explore the astonishing phenomena that shape our world, our communities, and ourselves. It’s built with a vision that Omaha will become a wellspring of creativity and innovation, with opportunities for everyone.

The driving force behind Kiewit Luminarium is to engage and excite learners of all ages who are typically underrepresented in STEM careers. The mission is rooted deeply in a passion for inclusion, and creating a sense of belonging. Everyone steps into the space on equal footing, with the freedom to learn from each other and to grow.

At its core, Kiewit Luminarium is built around intrigue, such that everyone finds themselves drawn in to experiment and engage with their own curiosity — to play, to wonder, to consider something new.

Oxide’s branding and communication design included naming the institution, holistic brand strategy, logo, signage, promotional materials, and merchandise. All aspects of the brand are designed to capture the idea that Kiewit Luminarium is a portal through which you can see into brilliant and illuminating worlds beyond.

Key Team Members

Drew Davies, Brand Consultant / Creative Director
Silva Raker, CEO of Kiewit Luminarium
Julie DeWitt, VP Marketing & Communications of Kiewit Luminarium
Josh Schwieger, Designer
Adam Torpin, Designer
Jae Meyer, Designer at Rule29 Creative
Kyliegh Karas, Brand & Marketing Strategist at Rule29 Creative

About the organization

Oxide is the civic-minded brand and design consultancy of Drew Davies. For almost 25 years, Oxide has crafted brand strategy and implementation, focusing on the civic space. Drew uses design to build up communities, empower cities, and improve voting. He's built brands for public transit and non-profit organizations, developed nationwide ballot design best practices, and even designed the primary license plate for the State of Nebraska.