NOS Design and Naya Studio

MAGRAY presents a novel solution to improve mobility at the micro scale. It is compact, environmentally conscious, and provides a new way of moving in urban environments for single users who need to travel short distances that are not easily walkable. We call this new category of experience “Glide.”

Each MAGRAY unit provides increased maneuverability by using advanced technology such as lidar sensors, AI recognition systems, and magnetic levitation wheels, which allow it to operate with omnidirectional motion. The overall design follows a circular economy philosophy. The body is composed of a system of attachable parts made from fully recyclable materials (aluminum and Chitin) and the structure being developed with generative design methods to reduce moving parts.

As challenges with systems of mobility increase, such as limited transportation and high levels of congestion, new forms of mobility like MAGRAY are needed. This project was designed by NOS Design, and created on Naya.

Key Team Members

Agustin Otegui, NOS Design
Jorge Álvarez, NOS Design
Diego Mata, NOS Design
Naya Studio, Team